Honorary members of ALAI Canada

Victor Nabhan

Born in Nigeria and having spent his youth in Lebanon, Victor Nabhan studied law in Beirut (St Joseph University), then at Paris 2, and at the New York University Law School.

After his studies, he moved to Canada where he became a citizen and was a professor at Université Laval where he taught intellectual property, contract law, and commercial law.  He is regularly invited as a professor, both in Canada (Universités de Montréal, Sherbrooke, Ottawa and Osgoode) and abroad: in France (Paris 12, Nantes, Poitiers, Montpellier, Lyon, Sciences Po Paris), in Lebanon ( St Joseph and UL), in Morocco (Hassan 2) and in Tunisia (El Manar), as well as a speaker or chairperson.

He has held various consultative positions with Quebec (Culture and Communications) and Canadian (Justice, Communications and Industry Canada) Ministries and Departments, notably with respect to several phases of the reform of the Copyright Act.  He is also a consultant to various organizations such as UNESCO, the Arab League, the Copyright Commission, US AID, the European Patent Office, as well as to WIPO where he has advised several developing countries in relation to the modernization of their laws.

Author of several publications, he was a founding member and President of ALAI Canada (1983-1993) and President of ALAI international (1996-2016).  Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Nottingham, he was honoured by a work entitled Mélanges Victor Nabhan.

He also engages in an activity as artist-designer-improviser.

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