The Association littéraire et artistique internationale - Canada is pleased to announce that during the Annual General Assembly which took place on April 10, 2024, Roanie Levy, Annie Morin, and Luc-André Vincent were re-elected for a three-year term as board member. François Le Moine will again serve as president for the next year. Furthermore Camille Labadie joined the conference committee.

After having served three terms (the maximum possible under the statutes), our secretary Victor Dzomo-Silinou was replaced bu Charles Gagnon-Pradier. We welcome Charles and would like to warmly thank Victor for the extraordinary work he has completed for our association.

ALAI Canada is happy to announce that the Annual General Assembly took place on April 28, 2022 and that the constitution of the Board will remain the same for the upcoming year. Madeleine Lamothe-Samson and Geneviève Barsalou have been reelected for a third, three-year mandate. François Le Moine has been reelected for a second one-year term as president.

Regarding the election of ALAI Canada’s directors, Victor Dzomo-Silinou was re-elected for a third term and Roanie Levy, Annie Morin and Luc-André Vincent were elected for a first term.

The Board of Directors of ALAI Canada is now composed of:

  • François Le Moine, president

and the following directors:

  • Geneviève Barsalou
  • Victor Dzomo-Silinou
  • Carolina Klimas
  • Madeleine Lamothe-Samson
  • Roanie Levy
  • Annie Massicotte
  • Annie Morin
  • Jean-Philippe Paré
  • Luc-André Vincent 

The ALAI has published its draft Second opinion on certain aspects of the implementation of Article 17 of the European Directive on copyright and related rights in the digital single market.

You can find it here. Enjoy your reading.

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