Afternoon conference, when the law invites itself to the museum: Legal issues surrounding fine, from preservation to tranformations

Jan 26, 2023
From 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Location 535, Avenue Viger EstMontréal, H2L 2P3
Afternoon conference, when the law invites itself to the museum: Legal issues surrounding fine, from preservation to tranformations

ALAI and AJAVA are pleased to invite you to their afternoon conference regarding artworks and museums. Our speakers will be reviewing recent developments that have occurred in various legal regimes governing works of art, notably copyright, cultural heritage, artist status, importation of cultural property as well as restitution.

The conferences will be followed by a cocktail and is admissible to 4h of continuing legal education with the Barreau du Québec. Please note that the conference will be an in-person event. It will not be broadcasted or recorded.


We look forward to seeing you on the 26th!



First sitting: The Parcularities of Copyright in the Field Of Fine Arts

  • The Warhol Case: When Art Transforms… What About Copyright? Ysolde Gendreau, Professor, University of Montreal.
  • Moral Rights in Canada: Debunking Some Myths. Caroline Jonnaert, Associate, ROBIC.
  • Visual Arts 3.0 – A Question of Attribution. Roanie Levy, President & CEO, Access Copyright.


Second sitting: Three Other Legislative Regimes

  • Cultural Heritage Act. Bill 69: New Perspectives for the Legal Protection of Cultural Heritage.Charles Breton-Demeules, Ph. D. candidate, Univeristy of Laval.
  • The Fusion of the Laws Surrounding the Status of the Artist. Canadian Artists’ Representation v. National Gallery of Canada: A Decision to Be Revisited. Maryse Beaulieu, Executive Director, Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels.
  • Cultural Property Export and Import Act. Museum Donations: Ethical and Legal Aspects. Anne-Sophie Hulin, Professor, Univeristy of Sherbrooke.


Third sitting: Restitutions

  • Changing Tides: Twenty Years of the Max Stern Art Restitution Project. Clarence Epstein, Director, Max Stern Art Restitution Project.
  • The Inadequacies of Canadian Law Regarding the Restitution of Cultural Property, François Le Moine, Lawyer, Règles de l'art.


Cocktail at 17h-18h30



  • Your certificate of participation will be sent by email in the days following the activity.

NOTE: The Association has not requested verification of the eligibility of this activity by The Barreau du Québec, as the proposed training fully meets the objectives of the Regulation respecting compulsory continuing education for lawyers. The participant can register this activity in their continuing education file.

L'AJAVA thanks its annual partner CAIJ

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